Business Services

In accordance with our strategy to transform and empower the Nigerian financial market, we are focused on driving change by providing unrivalled value-adding services to our various stakeholders through Transparency, Integration, Regulation and Education initiatives, structured to not only impact the Nigerian financial markets, but the economy at large.

Registrations, Listings & Quotations

FMDQ provides an efficient platform for the registration, listing/quotation, trading and valuation of debt securities such as bonds, funds, commercial papers and other short-term debt securities, among others. By laying the foundation for sustainable and efficient financing in the Nigerian debt capital market, the  Securities Exchange offers improved market credibility, continuous information disclosure, enhanced secondary market liquidity, and effective price formation to issuers, investors, financial market regulators, etc.

Private Companies’ Bonds Noting

Private companies accessing the debt capital markets for long-term debt, and opting to voluntarily disclose the requisite information on its activities in this market to a large pool of qualified and highly capable institutional investors, can effectively, efficiently and securely achieve this through our Private Companies’ Bonds (PCB) Noting service.


FMDQ effectively brings together different groups of market participants through its innovative and well-streamlined membership categories. The  Securities Exchange provides the requisite governance structures to maintain the integrity and sanctity of the Nigerian fixed income, currency and derivatives markets even as market efficiency and liquidity are facilitated.

Market Connectivity

FMDQ provides tailored proprietary systems and other relevant financial markets structures to support and boost trading and connectivity of market participants (including financial markets regulators) in the FMDQ markets, whilst facilitating best price execution and real-time price discovery, in order to maintain and improve credibility, transparency, governance and market liquidity.

Market Information & Data

FMDQ, through its innovative and efficient knowledge centre, FMDQ e-Markets, serves as the information repository for the Nigerian fixed income, currency and OTC derivatives markets, thereby providing comprehensive, robust and crucial financial markets information for the benefit of its varied stakeholders.

Market Regulation

As a front-line regulator for the fixed income, currency and OTC derivatives markets, FMDQ oversees the activities and behaviors of its Members through the creation and enforcement of market Rules, the administration of Membership Agreements, and through market surveillance, investigations, and dispute resolutions, to ensure the financial markets are credible and transparent, towards maintaining market confidence and ensuring investor protection.