What We Offer

In accordance with our vision “to be the leading African builder of ecosystems of financial infrastructure and services for markets”, FMDQ Group offers Exchange, Clearing and Depository services whilst leveraging advance technology to deliver unparalleled services to its diverse stakeholders across the financial markets spectrum.

At FMDQ Exchange, corporates, commercial and government entities are gaining value from our Listings and Quotations service.

Private Companies’ Securities Noting Service provides a platform for the disclosure of private companies’ activities in the Nigerian captital market via FMDQ Private Markets.

FMDQ Group effectively brings together different market participants through its innovative and well-streamlined membership services.

FMDQ provides tailored proprietary systems and other relevant financial markets structures to support and boost trading and connectivity of market participants in the FMDQ markets.

The FMDQ e-Markets Portal provides accurate, transparent and insightful comprehensive financial market data, pre- and post-trade information services.

As a front-line regulator for the fixed income, currency and derivatives markets, FMDQ Exchange oversees the activities and behaviors of its Members through the creation and enforcement of market Rules.

At FMDQ Clear, we efficiently match, confirm and aggregate transactions across market participants and trading venues on a near-real time basis. Our clearing activities reduces operational risks for market participants.

FMDQ Clear, as part of its risk management process, collects initial and variation margins from transaction counterparties.

Through integration with other financial systems payment infrastructure, FMDQ Clear facilitates the settlement of cash deliverable derivatives.

FMDQ Clear provides activity-based reports on its clearing, risk management, settlement & collateral management services to foster market transparency.

FMDQ Depository provides onboarding and safekeeping for securities including bonds, treasury bills, commercial papers, mutual funds, equities and other asset classes.

FMDQ Depository provides its Members access to a centralised securities database; and provides information ranging from declaration of entitlements to net asset values.

FMDQ Clear, through its efficient systems, manages cash and non-cash collateral  and FMDQ Depository offers seamless movement of securities from one party to another in an efficient and timely manner.

At FMDQ Depository, we recognise that data drives decisions; and therefore, offer data services by aggregating Depository’s transaction.