Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, with a global outlook that imbibes best practices, a healthy work culture and an ethical value system, FMDQ remains committed to the values of sustainability, acknowledging that maintaining a positive impact on its immediate environment and community is critical to its overall business success. As part of its strategic objectives, FMDQ plans to spend up a percentage of its annual revenue on CSR and sustainability programmes by 2019.

Sustainability Agenda

FMDQ pursues an all encompassing sustainability agenda covering social, economic and environmental activities. The immediate focus area in its sustainability agenda is centered on economic activities, with a learning and development initiative aimed at enriching the lives of young Nigerians, by educating, empowering and promoting capital market literacy amongst students (primary, secondary and tertiary), about to be launched.

Corporate Responsibility

As one of the ways to also give back to the society, FMDQ, raises funds from the auction of seasonal gifts received by all its employees, and honorariums received by FMDQ Executives who have represented the Company on speaking engagements. These funds are put towards initiatives focused on supporting four broad categories of Charity Organisations – Orphanages, Youth Rehabilitation Centers, Homes for the Elderly and Special Needs Centers – within the Securities Exchange’s host state, Lagos State.


In line with the Securities Exchange’s continuous commitment to gender equality and women economic empowerment, the ratio of women in the employment of the Company increased from 38% to 41% for years ending 2015 and 2016 respectively, with the ratio of women in the Management team at 50%. This is a clear indication that FMDQ is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. FMDQ does not practice any form of discrimination based on race, gender, religion or physical disabilities.

Employee Welfare

FMDQ maintains business premises designed with a view to promoting safety and healthy living conditions for employees, and fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment are installed in strategic locations within the Company’s premises. Employees are adequately insured against occupational hazards and provided with medical facilities for them and their immediate families at the Company’s expense. Employees are also registered at a fitness center towards achieving employee wellness.