Market Turnover Report


FMDQ, in its capacity as market organiser of the Nigerian OTC markets, receives trade data from its Dealing Members on a weekly basis, and in line with fulfilling its mandate to provide transparency to the market, publishes monthly turnover figures across all the products traded on the FMDQ platform.

The FMDQ Market Turnover Report shows the turnover on all products traded on the FMDQ secondary market – Foreign Exchange, Treasury Bills, Money Market (Repurchase Agreements, Buy-Backs and Unsecured Placements/Takings) and Bonds (FGN Bonds and Other Bonds), Foreign Exchange and Money Market Derivatives. These figures exclude primary market auctions in Treasury Bills, Bonds and Foreign Exchange.

The data, collated from the weekly trade data submissions by FMDQ Dealing Members, represents trades executed between Dealing Members, Dealing Members & Clients, and Dealing Members & the Central Bank of Nigeria.

August 2020 Market Turnover

Product Category(₦’mm)($’mm)
Foreign Exchange1,174,5053,040
Foreign Exchange Derivatives2,587,758 6,700
Treasury Bills1,094,0512,830
OMO Bills3,881,15010,042
FGN Bonds2,341,812 6,063
Other Bonds*
Eurobonds26,268 68
Repurchase Agreements/Buy-Backs3,039,382 7,867
Unsecured Placements/Takings74,160192
Money Market Derivatives45,049117
No. of Business Days2020
Average Daily Turnover713,2071,846
 Average YTD $/₦ @ 378.92
mm – million
*Other Bonds include Agency, Sub-national, Corporate, Supranational Bonds & Promissory Notes
Note: Figures may be subject to change due to potential adjustments from Dealing Member (Banks)
Source: FMDQ Data Portal as @ September 7, 2020; Figures reported by Dealing Member (Banks) on a week-ending basis