Why Become a Member?

We are an organised and efficient platform within which financial market participants can actively participate in the primary and secondary markets. Our Members make up a network of over 200 participants from diverse firms and interest groups, ranging from the dealers, market regulators, market makers, investors, brokers and other interested participants.

As a Member of FMDQ, you gain access to one of Africa’s leading and largest securities exchanges for fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives markets.

Having instituted innovative financial market infrastructures to make our markets “Globally competitive, Operationally excellent, Liquid and Diverse” (our “GOLD” Agenda), our Members can therefore, benefit from the improved transparency, governance, credibility and market liquidity availed by FMDQ’s platform.

How to Become a Member

If you have any questions regarding becoming an FMDQ Member, please contact the Business Development Division via e-mail at or phone on 01-2778771.
At FMDQ, we provide a credible platform for the effective integration of market participants. From market regulators to market makers, issuers, investors, brokers and other participants in the financial markets, our membership categories address the needs of varied stakeholders in the Nigerian financial markets.