Whistleblowing Policy

FMDQ Holdings PLC (“FMDQ Group” or “FMDQ”), in its capacity as a self-regulatory organisation, is committed to the preservation of the integrity of the Nigerian financial markets. In line with this commitment, this Whistleblowing Policy aims to provide an avenue for stakeholders (Members, employees, regulators, investors, industry professionals, issuers and the general public) to provide tips regarding activities/issues (unlawful, unfair and/or unauthorised activities and practices, abusive conduct, incomplete and/or inaccurate reporting, violations of FMDQ Rules[1]inter alia) within the FMDQ markets.


  • Anonymity – When providing a tip, you are encouraged to make your contact details available to aid effective prosecution. However, tips provided anonymously will be accorded equal attention after due consideration of the seriousness of the issue raised and the likelihood of corroboration of the anonymous tips.
  • Confidentiality – All information received will be treated in strict confidence to the fullest extent possible. However, FMDQ cannot guarantee that during the course of a related investigation or possible prosecution of the matter, that the identity of the whistleblower and relevant documents will not be revealed.

How to File a Tip

To file a tip, kindly complete the form here or address your tip to the Internal Audit Division via email at whistleblowing@fmdqgroup.com or post to the address below:

Divisional Head, Internal Audit 

FMDQ Group
35, Idowu Taylor Street
Victoria Island Lagos

Additional Inquiries

FMDQ may find it useful to contact you for the purposes of verifying the information provided and soliciting additional information. While information provided by the whistleblower will be accepted and reviewed, their value may be diminished if FMDQ is unable to conduct this additional inquiry. It is requested that you provide a brief summary of the activity/issue that:

  • 1. You believe to have taken place
  • 2. You believe may now be occurring
  • 3. You believe may be about to occur

To the extent possible, provide the names of the involved parties, their roles and their relationships, the securities associated with this matter (if any), and the time period or dates applicable to these events. If you are in possession of written materials or other documentation that support your tip, FMDQ may request that this information be provided following the receipt and review of your tip.

[1] Includes Guidelines, Bulletins, Agreements and such other regulation as may be developed by FMDQ from time to time.